Five a day..

FM 1A combined feeling of dragging December’s mince pies around on my backside, plus not wanting to go out in the non stop rain, H and I decided to get creative with fruit! A fruit mandala is a fun crafty activity even your littlest will be able to get stuck into and you can gobble it all up afterwards (guilt free). You basically gather up all the fruit in your kitchen or go and buy all your favs, the more colourful the better. Chop, dice and keep in separate little bowls, H chopped the bananas with a blunt knife whilst I tackled the pineapple and kiwis. When this is done, you need something sticky to hold the fruit together- we chose honey, but you could also use peanut butter, chocolate sauce, whatever you like depending on allergies and taste. We distributed the honey evenly across our plates, not too much is needed. Now the fun part. A mandala is a geometric pattern, so the idea is to assemble the fruit starting in the middle and working your way out. H went for more of a free-style approach! Later we dived in with forks, yum. And the leftovers will be whizzed around in the Nutri-Bullet. So long mince pies and Prosecco.. January, LET’S DO IT. Lx



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