Snap happy

photomatic 2Today we went for a stroll through the North Laines and stumbled upon Photomatic (22 Gardener St BN1, plus booths dotted around London). One of those genius ideas you wish you’d invented yourself- just a shop with a couple of photo booths and dress-up props. Simple. We ran in and practically threw our coins at the owner, desperate to start playing (its £4 for a token which gets you one strip of photos, but 2for1 throughout January). Like 3 big kids we chucked on angel wings, beards, a Mary dress, crowns. SO MUCH FUN! We spent about an hour larking about, there’s a colour booth and a black and white one, plus you can have your prints framed or put into key rings and what not. The owner says he has plans for kids parties and also a mini booth for babies coming soon. Basically every friend that visits us from now on, you’re getting dragged in here. Lx
photmatic 1photmatic 3photomatic 4

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