Pitstop at Artemis

Artemis 1Our library is conveniently located round the back of the laines, so whilst H and Mr C went off to return books, I popped into Artemis on Kensington Gardens and left them to it. Artemis is a treasure trove of fabulous sheepskin slippers, rugs, and various gorgeous finds the lovely owner Melissa has carefully sourced. After looking at dozens of slippers (all are hand made and slightly different), I settled on a black pair with lilac threading and light coloured sheepskin (£25). They also sell kids sizes which H would have for sure if it not for her already fabulous slipper collection (our family does good lounge wear..).

My time was up, I had to dash back to the library. But not before a discussion on raising kids (Melissa has 3) and tipis (Artemis sell stunning ones online and we are ABSOLUTELY getting one). Lx
artemis 2artemis 3

Very happy feet! Beyond cosy and warm..

artemis slippers


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