Zara Spring Spend Up

walking-tour-san-sebastian-5.jpgSo half term is over, the hardest one of the year if you’re not able to get away- its frickin’ freezing, parks are no fun when you’re shivering and soft play (during school holidays), NOT the one for me.. As fun as being off school and work  was, the only thing to pull us through the last of these wintery weeks is to book a Spring holiday.

Mr C quietly got on with it and booked a mini break in San Sebastián (Northern Spain). The boy did good, we have a superb apartment too. Yay! With all of that sorted, there’s only one thing for me to do and that’s to start considering our Spring Spend Up as I call it. Twice a year, to mark the change of the seasons and to cope with my daughter’s alarmingly fast rate of growth, we go a bit mad in Zara. It’s my favourite mid-range brand for her, everything looks great on her and lasts really well. So here are my picks so far (the basket will be heavy by the time I’m done) Lx

Love this for the flight, cool and comfy: green polka dot jump suit, £15.99


This dress is gorgeous for day trips (perfect for when we make that pit stop at the Guggenheim Museum or go out for ice cream), £19.99


LOVE this sateen embroidered bomber jacket, but gah its sold out! Signing up to buy when its back in stock (and will be looking to twin up and get a similar one for me). Ideal for chilly nights out searching for tapas, £22.995431604620_1_1_1.jpg

Accessories time, we love gold sandals, £27.99, and the handbag £10.99- so cute for the girl to carry her crayons and what not in when we go out to eat.

1510103302_2_3_1   Capture.PNG

Winter, you can try but you can’t keep a girl down. Spring is coming for you!

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