Land of the Rising Sun comes to the South Coast

Brighton and Hove Japanese club.jpgOne thing we love about Brighton is that there’s always something fun taking place, it’s such a quirky little town, we wouldn’t live anywhere else. Today was no exception, we found ourselves at the Brighton and Hove Japanese Club’s open day (at St Paul’s school).

There we watched kids do a wacky quiz show (which ended in the losers eating jelly beans of doom – dog food flavour anyone?!) some spectacular gymnastics, dancing and everything you can imagine cool Japanese kids to come up with. Japanese tongue twisters.jpg(Japanese tongue twisters. I now want to be in this girl gang – and wear a white beret)

Harper’s highlights were the origami crane making, a virtual roller coaster ride and Hello Kitty face paints.Virtual Roller Coaster ride!.jpg(On a roller coaster ride! A virtual one anyway..)

origami crane.jpgBeing fitted for her first kimono.jpg

After sampling some yummy yakitori and having spent all of my money on Kawaii stickers and trinkets, we headed home happy. またね (bye for now) Lx

Kimono 2.jpg

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