Party time!


Every year, every birthday party I promise I won’t, but I spiral out of control. Last year was the worst, an Alice in Wonderland theme, 45 kids, there was a couture Alice dress and a magician, a 3 tiered cake and more I don’t care to admit to. If you look at the photos from the girl’s 1st birthday party, it says it all, she looks utterly bewildered at all the fuss, even she knew I’d lost the plot.

This year (her 6th) is different, we’ve moved to a new town, know less people, she has a lovely little circle of friends (no obligation to invite the whole class and every single person we know) and I promise you, I’m showing restraint. So we have 8 kids in total this year, a lovely number, with less kids you can give a more personal touch and not fret about hiring a hall as you can stick the kids in your front room or your garden if you’re lucky. Another plus, the girl has very strong ideas about what she wants (taking the pressure off me totally) and that’s purely shed loads of sweets, cake and lots of crafting. We have christened it her ‘Crafternoon Tea’. LOVE IT.

So I’ve gone hard on party accessories from the gorgeous online store Party Kitsch and raided Baker Ross– home to every craft your child could possibly want to make and they sell excellent multi packs which are great value. The girl has made her own shopping list for the food. We’re basically done in one swift online shopping session. Fist bumps and back flips all round! The only jobs left on the list, the cake (all she asks is that its chocolate, simples), and the dress (she’ll be covered in glue and glitter by the end of the party, a run to good old HM the week before will be do the job).


Design-Your-Own-Wings-L8071_21       Mini-Heart-Shaped-Porcelain-Dishes-EK663_21

So we’re all set and feeling pretty smug –crazy as this time last year I was in a complete frenzy sorting everything out as if I were planning the girl’s wedding, not her 5th birthday celebrations. I really wish someone had stopped me. Please, if you’re anything like how I was and you’re not actually enjoying the planning, wind it in! Kids do not NEED huge expensive parties.  But if you do love it, go for it, go NUTS. After all it’s great for those who just have to turn up! We love attending big crazy bashes!

(The only issue, just a little thing really..the girl watched the Goonies twice over the school holidays and has decided she wants a Goonies theme now. Tough s**t ain’t happening lady). Lx

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