Heroine #1: Erna Leon





a woman admired for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
“she was a true feminist heroine”
In the Heroine Project, I’ll be speaking to brilliant women and some awesome mamas- women who draw, women in fashion, women just like us doing an amazing job of getting their shit done and are still smiling, incredible young women to watch out for, women of all shapes and forms who inspire us in many ways, big or small. And  like sitting down over a cuppa with your bestie, you’ll find what makes the heroines tick, hear about their family life, what their secrets are, what they get up to in their spare time. A few minutes of quick tit bits for you to gobble up whilst you have your first coffee of the day, discover new women to follow,  soak up and enjoy. Let’s celebrate these complete bad ass heroines together and never ever knock down. #sisterhoodforever
L x



In the first of the heroine interviews, I spoke to Erna Leon, mother of 2 and founder of   Mercer7 where she explains “you will be able to shop expertly curated fashion edits for effortless style focused on quality, fabrics and craftsmanship”. Tune in at @ernaleon for her LFW ’16 insights and interviews.
This  Georgian born New Yorker now Londoner comes from a background in fashion,  graduating in 2002 with a BA in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She cut her teeth working with designers from Halston to Calvin Klein Jeans to name a few. As if this wasn’t enough, Erna is a stunning artist and has had solo exhibitions at NY galleries, check out her work here.
Erna’s unmistakable, effortless style runs through all she does and she has an eye that inspires many of us.
      Erna jacket.jpg

Who’s in your family? My husband, me and our 2 little ones – Luca (3.5) and Lily (2)

Erna 2.JPG


Where do you live and why? We live in a leafy part of North London because when we moved here from New York, I fell in love with Hampstead Heath, it reminded me a bit of Central Park – and I knew that as soon as we start our family – I wanted to live as close to the Heath as I possibly could. So after first 2 years in East London, we made our move.


Tell us about your typical Sunday.  My son goes to football so my husband usually takes him to his (very early) class as Lily and I get ready for the day. When they come back, they always bring fresh croissants and we have our breakfast together and then get out of house for a walk to Kenwood House or drive to the farm (my kids love Hatfield house farm and Knebworth house for the dinosaur trail) Some Sundays – we meet up with our friends in the afternoon or drive up to Cambridge – where my husband’s family is from.

Erna 7.JPG


What is your family’s favourite meal? Weekend breakfast when we all sit together (my husband works so we don’t get to dine all together during the week because by the time he gets back from work – our babies are fast asleep)


Tell us your favourite place to go in your neighbourhood. Highgate Woods and Hampstead Heath


Tell us which brands you love to wear most? So many brands that I love from Saint Laurent to Isabel Marant. But my usual wardrobe consists of Cos, Zara, Acne, Ganni, Maje, Sandro, All Saints, Topshop, And Other Stories.


What is your biggest extravagance? I think it’s childcare, my kids attend nursery once a week so I could work on my new business venture. And shopping. I am addicted.

Erna 4.JPG

Do you have any guilty pleasures?  Yes! chocolate, Instagram and E! News 🙂


Tell us a secret about yourself. If I tell you, it will no longer be a secret! Although to be fair – I don’t have any 🙂


If you could have dinner with any 3 women, fictional, real, dead or alive, who would they be? Diane Von Furstenberg, Garance Dore, Coco Chanel and Maya Angelou


diane-von-furstenberg_38524.jpggarance-dore   cocomaya

Lastly, who would you nominate to be a Heroine? Jenny Scott from Mothers Meeting.

Jenny 3.JPG

Jenny, we would absolutely love to make you one of our heroines!

Thank you so much Erna for answering these questions. Chocolate and E! News, who knew?! I loved hearing more about you and will continue to covet your stunning style.

Coming next time, a mama hoards of us love, she’s as funny AF, her daughter is the coolest squidgiest little cutie on the block and her answers do not disappoint!

L x ♥ x

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