Heroine #2: A Side Order of Alex

The second heroine in the Heroine Project series is a personal fave. She tells it like it is, she’s probably one of the funniest and most honest mamas I’ve come across, her winged eye liner skills are second to none and her daughter has to be the cutest best dressed little squidge in North London. Her musings make us all laugh and say ‘same same’ – and if you love following her on instagram, you have to visit her rather awesome blog.  I give you… Alex of A Side Order of Me




Who’s in your family?  Me and my 20month old daughter Phoebe Cecily Violet.


Where do you live and why?  North London. My parents allowed me, my bump and a flats worth of stuff to move in. Little did they know their lovely house would be turned into a creche/soft play/toy shop.

Tell us about your typical Sunday  I have trained Phoebe to sleep in, make me a bacon sandwich and watch Gilmore Girls with me whilst we plait each others hair. Then reality punches me in the face and really my Sunday is no different to any other day, other than the fact a roast potato may be involved.

A and P.JPG

What is your family’s favourite meal?  I am half Turkish. This obviously skipped my fair faced child who shows zero interest in houmous or Olives. A roast dinner or some kind of pasta usually hits the spot.

Tell us your favourite place to go in your neighbourhood  The park. Free, green, filled with ducks and we have a splash park which is ace in the summer. I try and avoid playgrounds because I tend to become a bit Nanny Mcphee meets the child catcher when it comes to big children on the small children’s equipment.

Tell us which brands you love to wear most?  Since having Phoebe, like a lot of mums I put way more thought into her clothes now. However I am very partial to Mod Dolly, Vintage Style me, The Whitepepper and ASOS.

White Pepper.JPG
A Whitepepper beauty!

Do you have any guilty pleasures?  Gosh most things whilst Phoebe is asleep these days feel like a guilty pleasure but yes I could hoover a packet of M&S pork scratchings in a heartbeat. If I could do that whilst on the sofa sobbing to My So Called Life, I would be very happy.

What is your biggest extravagance?  Pre Phoebe it was Marc Jacobs bags and watches. Now it is Laura Mercier eye concealer. Seriously it is the pot of creamy gold at the end of my greybow eyebags.

Tell us a secret about yourself  I was a vegetarian for 18 years. A £1 packet of sliced chorizo ended that.

If you could have dinner with any 3 women, fictional or real, dead or alive, who would you choose? This is a bit of a Sophie’s Choice for me as there are so many inspirational women.  I think it would be the poet/writer Dorothy Parker my birthday twin and someone whose words I so often relate to, Frida Kahlo the boss of selfies, self love and general awesomeness and am going to choose my gal pal and Chef Gizzi Erskine because she is fifty shades of kick ass sassiness, a great friend and would totally cook an epic dinner for us all.

dorothy  frida-kahlo  giz_350_350_s_c1

Lastly, who would you nominate to be a Heroine?  Claire @nedintheclouds because she is pretty awesome mama, refreshing and honest and does fantastic things to raise awareness for Autism.

Ned.JPG      Claire – you are 100% worthy of heroinehood! Would love to interview you!


Coming next time, an artist mama who’s stirringly beautiful artwork has caught the attention of many,  another one with very envious winged eye liner skills, an out the closet plant lady and mother of two insanely beautiful brown eyed beauts. See you next time..

L x♥x

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