Heroine #4: Laura Hesketh

I’ve chosen Laura Hesketh to be heroine #4, lady in black and cool AF. Seriously though, this girl… litigation executive by day, but in her spare time has done a lot for Village by Village, an excellent Manchester based charity. Their mission is ‘to reduce the needless suffering and deaths of children in poverty in remote rural African villages’. Laura says ‘they basically go from village to village building a well, toilets, a clinic and a school. They also staff them using local unemployed people. Once all four are fully functioning they move to the next area of need’.  She recently spent time in one of the villages, teaching the kids and seeing first hand the work the charity do. Her story and photos  can be found here, the children she met are all incredible and brave (not to mention having THE best smiles).  It’s not too late to donate to Laura’s fundraising page, all proceeds go straight to the charity. Back on home soil, here’s the answers Laura gave to her Heroine interview.



LH Africa 1.JPG

Who’s in your family? Technically just me but I help co-parent my siblings Mia (7) & James (4)



Where do you live and why? I live in a small town just outside of Liverpool. I grew up nearby and stayed to be close to friends and family. 

Tell us about your typical Sunday. If Everton are playing at home, then that. If they aren’t I usually head into the city with the kids and meet friends for brunch.

What is your family’s favourite meal? Jollof rice. My Grandad is West African, so having family together at the weekend used to be a big thing for him. I still haven’t managed to perfect it though.. I swear he missed a vital ingredient out on purpose so nobody could out-cook him. 


What’s your favourite place to go in your neighbourhood? It’s a toss up between Albert Dock and Sefton Park Palm House. 


Albert Dock, one of Laura’s fave hangs..

Tell us which brands you love to wear most? ACNE, H&M, COS, Comme des Garçons and Celine.

What is your biggest extravagance? Business class travel. I use my annual leave pretty quickly and often have to work in court the next day. 

Do you have any guilty pleasures? First dates (the TV Show), Idris Elba and apple crumble – the really oaty cinnamon kind. 


Tell us a secret about yourself. I once knocked a cup of tea over my Grandma’s cream carpet and blamed James who couldn’t talk yet. 

If you could have dinner with any 3 women, real, fictional, dead or alive, who would they be? Rosa parks, Angelina Jolie, Yayoi Kusama and Rei Kawakubo.

I’m giving Laura a sneaky 4th dinner guest as its such a good line up..


Lastly, who would you nominate to be a Heroine? @lourdes_valentino because she is the best single mother in the world no exaggeration necessary.


Thanks for sharing Laura, loved reading what goes on beyond the black (the tea incident, poor James! And Idris, yup…) Also thanks for telling us about your work with Village by Village, I’ve donated and wish the charity all the best with their continuing work. Guys, here’s that link again if you want to contribute and read more about the charity http://villagebyvillage.org.uk/

Next time, our youngest heroine yet and seriously one to watch…

L x♥x





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