Heroine #7: Amy-Rose Watts and #8: Ivy Jean

Christmas is around the corner and we’re all about the novelty jumpers, mulled wine, glitter and baubles. So who better to have as Heroine #7 and #8 than the lovely Amy-Rose Watts, one of the most loved in our mama community and giving us colour and cheer all year long. And of course her mini-me Ivy Jean. You’re never too young to be a heroine y’know

Those who know Amy-Rose, will be aware she’s a full time mother to the gorgeous Ivy, 3. Ivy has a very rare condition called Right Isomerism which has caused a congenital heart disease and lead to many stays at the hospital and countless tests in her short years. Just like any other child Ivy’s age, she loves Peppa Pig and trips to the park – you would never know about her condition and she never ceases to surprise her doctors. She’s amazing. A complete and utter heroine in the making.  
Behind this mini super-girl is an incredible mother, she has been through so much as a first time mother and her fierce mama strength is inspiring to many. Not only this, Amy-Rose, a fashion blogger has the most colourful and beautiful wardrobe around. Follow her blog to read more about their daily lives.  Read on for Amy-Rose’s Heroine Project interview, it’s a goodie…
Who’s in your family? We have Michael, me and Ivy with a little small due in the Spring! I had never imagined myself with a ‘traditional’ family set up especially since I was so happy having Ivy on my own (with lots of support from my amazing mama) but I couldn’t be happier. Michael has shown me what life is like to have a truly supportive and loving partner and I couldn’t have wished for a better dad for my babies.
Where do you live? We have just upped and left our home town of Oxford to begin a new life in Hertfordshire! Quite the move seeing as I’d never even been in the county before 2016 but I absolutely love it – we have the perfect balance between our old lives (rural Oxfordshire and central London) whilst still being incredibly easy to get back to both of these places when we want and need. Also, I can walk to John Lewis from my house which is pretty much my ultimate life goal achieved. 

Tell us about your typical Sunday. We make sure we do all of our ‘doing’ on Saturdays so that by Sunday we can do pretty much nothing! It’s nice to enjoy a home day after the craziness of the week. We always cook a nice lunch (usually a roast) and me and Ivy end it watching the strictly results in bed together. What are we gunna do when it ends?! 

What is your family’s favourite meal? I’m adapting to life with a vegetarian and we’re currently tackling Ivy’s fussy eating habits so we’re in that lovely stage where we each have adaptions of the same meal if that makes sense. We all eat the same pasta based meals though! That’s a start right? Ha
Tell us your favourite place to go in your neighbourhood. We’re still getting to know our neighbourhood but I LOVE Hatfield House! I’m always won over by a fancy estate but this one has the most amazing adventure playground and farm with it too! I’m so excited to spend most of the summer there 

Tell us which brands you love to wear most? I’m sure this will come as no surprise to any of you – Boden and Little Bird By Jools! We love bright colour in this house and both of these brands feel like they’re made especially for us they’re so perfect 


What is your biggest extravagance? Take out coffee. I can’t go anywhere without stopping to get one at some point and it’s rubbing off on my babyccino fiend too

Do you have any guilty pleasures? Police programmes like Brit Cops, Road Wars, Bodycam squad – I can’t get enough of them!

Tell us a secret about yourself. I hate mince pies, I’m sorry! 

If you could have dinner with any 3 women, fictional, real, dead or alive, who would they be? Kirsty Allsop, Fearne Cotton and Mrs Weasley.


The Duchess Of Cambridge Attends The UK's Creative Industries Reception


Lastly, who would you nominate to be a Heroine? Lisa @mummypiggles. Lisa has been through so much and is just the most incredible mama to Isla and Alice and such a wonderful woman all round. I love her. 
Thank-you so much Amy-Rose for playing. Police programmes?! Love you more for this! Also, you’ve inspired me to a) visit Hatfield House in 2017 and b) inject some colour into my pretty much back to back breton and neutrals uniform. I wish you, Ivy and Michael a fabulous Christmas and a magical 2017 (cannot wait to see your small arrive )

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