Heroine #9: Miss Denny



Welcome back to the Heroine Project, it’s a couple of weeks since the #womensmarch took place and I am feeling nothing but inspiration and pride at the moment. Heroines come in all shapes and forms, it is my Grandma who passed away a month ago, a strong and quiet woman who moved here from Jamaica in the 1950s with nothing and raised a staggering seven children, it’s your best friend, it’s your favourite artist or writer, whoever fills your heart with love, whoever inspires you in the big and even the little ways to make a change, to get up and try something new. Everyone who took part in the march and made your voice heard are all bloody heroes.

Heroine number 9 is a lady I’ve admired for some time (seriously, such a beautiful soul -and she has an incredible Aladdin’s cave of a home which I love!), she has candy pink hair, she has a decent amount of ink on her and she lives in Portugal (our first international heroine- yey!). I loved finding out more about this heroine. #9 Miss Denny B.


Denise is the co-owner with her husband Pedro, of Vintage Daggers, a tattoo studio in Lisbon. “It’s small, cosy and homely. We want people to feel at home and be comfortable while getting their tattoo or piercing done (we have had very well dressed elderly ladies come in, sit on the sofa and ask for an espresso, hahah). Petal and River are always with us at the shop, their friends always stop by to say hi, and then never want to leave. Lots of people have told us we should open a crèche lol. Petal already has her own clients who come just to get temporary tattoos by her  and River is following in her footsteps, It can be really hard to work and have the kids with you 24/7 but deep down I love the craziness of my day, I love the fact that we never know who is going to walk through the door, and what that person might teach us its truly amazing”.

Denise and Pedro’s next project is Raining Daggers. Inspired after the birth of Petal, they decided to create a fun clothing range for cool kids, inspired by tattoos. Their first product the ‘tattoo flash tee’ sold out almost instantly. Between juggling family life and Vintage Daggers, they hope to relaunch soon. Watch this space.

Who’s in your family? Petal 5, River 21 months, my husband Pedro and myself 😉 oh and our 3 cats.

Denise 2.JPG

Where do you live? From as far as I can remember, I have always wanted to live in Portugal, and marry a Portuguese man and raise our children here, I didn’t really plan any of this it just kinda happened. Shortly after Petal was born, we packed up all our things and we moved! It was really scary for me as I only had Pedro and Petal, I left all my friends, my mum, my brothers life as I knew it behind, but it was what I had always wanted, when looking for houses we knew we wanted to live in the area as Pedro is from here and parents live just 10 mins away.   We live a beautiful 15 minutes train ride from the centre of Lisbon in a place called ‘Parede” meaning wall (hahaha) we can see the sea from our window and it takes us 5-10 minutes walk to the beach, as we live just at the end of a little high street full of small businesses we are close to everything including our shop and Petal’s school.

Tell us about your typical Sunday. Oh we love Sundays in our house, it’s the only day we have off , and our kids are really good to us, and usually sleep in, if we are not going for lunch with anyone, the 4 of us plus the cats will just lay in bed, and chill we plan to get up, but take for ever!! haha we make pancakes and just take it slow, we try and cross things off our huge to-do list, but we mainly take it easy and just relax.


What is your family’s favourite meal? We love to eat, and spend a lot of time eating and planning what to eat (us Portuguese love food) but the only thing I can think of (other than pizza that I love!!!) is a nice chicken roast with mixed potatoes and roasted veg, or a nice fresh grilled fish with a tomato, grilled bell peppers and dried oregano salad.

Tell us your favourite place to go in your neighbourhood. The beach!! We already live close but I wish we lived even closer, the beach is just so beautiful and calming, even in the winter it’s a great place to just hang and let all your worries wash away with the tide.

Denise 7.JPG

 Tell us which brands you love to wear most? Oh I have to be honest I don’t really mind what I’m wearing or where it’s from, as long as I feel good that’s all I worry about, I really like H&M especially now they have a plus size section, cheap and cheerful. And I love thrift shop finds too.

What is your biggest extravagance? Other than the kids!! stationary and craft supplies lol.

Denise 3.JPG

 Do you have any guilty pleasures? Old stuff, stuff that has belonged to other people, let me loose in car boot sale or a second hand shop and I go crazy.

Denise 4.JPG

 Tell us a secret about yourself.  I am actually a really shy person, every day I try and push myself to step out of my comfort zone and just go for it! But sometimes it’s stronger than me.

Denise 1.JPG

If you could have dinner with any 3 women, fictional, real, dead or alive, who would they be? There are so many great inspirational women to pick from, but if I could choose I would love to have the longest dinner with my great-grandmother on my mothers side, I never met her, as she passed away when my mum was young, but I have heard so many stories about her, how she was sweet and gentile and wise, and although she lived in hard times was poor and had nothing material to pass on to her children she was strong and kind and she did the best she could. I would also love to have a younger version of my mum and my grandma, so many things I would say to them and ask them, Yep… now that would be a great dinner 😉
Miss Denny 5.JPG

Lastly, who would you nominate to be a Heroine? The incredible Paula Clark.


So great chatting with you Denise, I for one have never been to Lisbon and absolutely want to come by and have a tattoo, especially for one of Petal’s creations. And your dream dinner guest list? Completely melted my heart, what a great answer.

Cannot wait to see what you have planned for Raining Daggers. Lots of love.

Thanks for reading guys. If there’s someone you’d like to nominate to be a heroine, drop me a line and we’ll see if she’s up for playing.




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