The one where I joined the WI..

IMG_0219.jpg If someone said to you ‘Women’s Institute’ what would you think? Housewives knitting scarves in a stuffy community centre? The ladies pretty much as old as your mum or even your grandmother? Well think again, the WI has seen mounting interest from women in their 20s and 30s and far from stuffy- there are groups popping up all over from the Shoreditch Sisters in London to Buns and Roses in Leeds, meetings often taking place at the local pub. Continue reading “The one where I joined the WI..”

Land of the Rising Sun comes to the South Coast

Brighton and Hove Japanese club.jpgOne thing we love about Brighton is that there’s always something fun taking place, it’s such a quirky little town, we wouldn’t live anywhere else. Today was no exception, we found ourselves at the Brighton and Hove Japanese Club’s open day (at St Paul’s school). Continue reading “Land of the Rising Sun comes to the South Coast”

Kitty Lacey at the Book Nook!

Book Nook.jpg

Weeks ago I put Harper’s name down for an author signing at our favourite kids book shop, the Book Nook. Half term was coming and I wanted to avoid freezing my backside off at the park. Every. Single. Day. The Book Nook is a cute little shop, just off of Church Road in Hove and minutes from the sea front. Continue reading “Kitty Lacey at the Book Nook!”

Sunday roast @ the George Payne

George Payne

Today we fancied a cheeky roast after a swim at the local pool, we picked The George Payne, it’s tucked away in off Portland Rd in Hove and well worth seeking out. All of the local families love it in there and it’s easy to see why. Continue reading “Sunday roast @ the George Payne”