Heroine #10 Cee (aka Hey is That Me?)


At number 10, we have a woman who often makes me snort with laughter and also gets me thinking about the stuff that matters. She tells it like it is and I have come to love her for it, as has many of us in our little mama community. Check it out, Cee of @heyisthatme


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Heroine #9: Miss Denny



Welcome back to the Heroine Project, it’s a couple of weeks since the #womensmarch took place and I am feeling nothing but inspiration and pride at the moment. Heroines come in all shapes and forms, it is my Grandma who passed away a month ago, a strong and quiet woman who moved here from Jamaica in the 1950s with nothing and raised a staggering seven children, it’s your best friend, it’s your favourite artist or writer, whoever fills your heart with love, whoever inspires you in the big and even the little ways to make a change, to get up and try something new. Everyone who took part in the march and made your voice heard are all bloody heroes.

Heroine number 9 is a lady I’ve admired for some time (seriously, such a beautiful soul -and she has an incredible Aladdin’s cave of a home which I love!), she has candy pink hair, she has a decent amount of ink on her and she lives in Portugal (our first international heroine- yey!). I loved finding out more about this heroine. #9 Miss Denny B.


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Heroine #7: Amy-Rose Watts and #8: Ivy Jean

Christmas is around the corner and we’re all about the novelty jumpers, mulled wine, glitter and baubles. So who better to have as Heroine #7 and #8 than the lovely Amy-Rose Watts, one of the most loved in our mama community and giving us colour and cheer all year long. And of course her mini-me Ivy Jean. You’re never too young to be a heroine y’know

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Heroine #6 Claire ‘Ned in the Clouds’ Packer



Several weeks ago, back when we had Heroine #2, the fabulous Alex @asideorderofme– nominated a lady called Claire of @nedintheclouds “because she’s a pretty awesome mama, refreshing and honest and does fantastic things to raise awareness for autism”. I’ve since been following Claire on Alex’s recommendation and agree she’s without doubt a worthy heroine. Here’s why. Claire, mother of 2 beautiful boys Ned (5) and Kit (2) is one of those super mamas who gets off their butts and really makes a difference. Ned was diagnosed with autism when he was 2.5 years old and “turned our world upside down in the most beautiful way” Claire says. She supports families on the same path as her own, she writes about her family life and tells her story via her blog, starting with the very next day after Ned was diagnosed (she explains she writes “sporadically but passionately!” –  I loved the last post about Ned’s ‘quirks’ more than words).

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Heroine #5 Maisy No Hair Don’t Care


I’ve been very excited about sharing this week’s heroine, some of you may have heard of her, but many of you won’t and I defy you to show me a more inspiring and cool 11 year old girl. Maisy at an age when most of us lived in happy little bubbles of pop music, friendship bracelets and no sense of the real world, totally has her head screwed on and has raised over £1,000 for charity.

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She first cut her hair at the age of 8 when a family friend was diagnosed with cancer. She donated her hair to The Little Princess Trust, a charity which makes wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment. Earlier this year, Maisy’s 1 year old cousin was also diagnosed with cancer and taking it one step further, she had her entire head shaved, the money raised was donated to Macmillan and the hair once again to the Little Princess Trust. Her next move is to organise an event to raise money for the research into children’s cancer, as less funding is put into this. Maisy’s mother says “she is a strong minded feminist, a body positive advocate and going to set up a blog for her illustrations and cartoons one day”. As a mother of a young daughter myself, I can only  imagine how proud Maisy’s mother must feel. At such a young age she is so clued up, more than many of us are now and well, all I can say is this girl is one to watch. You can donate to Maisy’s Just Giving page here, do it in your daughter’s name, as little or as much as you can, Maisy will be thrilled. Interview follows…

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Heroine #4: Laura Hesketh

I’ve chosen Laura Hesketh to be heroine #4, lady in black and cool AF. Seriously though, this girl… litigation executive by day, but in her spare time has done a lot for Village by Village, an excellent Manchester based charity. Their mission is ‘to reduce the needless suffering and deaths of children in poverty in remote rural African villages’. Laura says ‘they basically go from village to village building a well, toilets, a clinic and a school. They also staff them using local unemployed people. Once all four are fully functioning they move to the next area of need’.  She recently spent time in one of the villages, teaching the kids and seeing first hand the work the charity do. Her story and photos  can be found here, the children she met are all incredible and brave (not to mention having THE best smiles).  It’s not too late to donate to Laura’s fundraising page, all proceeds go straight to the charity. Back on home soil, here’s the answers Laura gave to her Heroine interview.


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Heroine # 3 Laxmi Hussain

The third woman to feature in the Heroine Project is Laxmi Hussain- artist and London mama of 2. I stumbled on her work via Instagram and can never get enough of her intricate water colour and ink based art which she posts regularly (visit http://www.thislakshmi.com/ where many pieces are available to buy as prints and greeting cards). Laxmi has drawn for as long as she can remember, all the way back to her school days when she’d sketch at the counter of her dad’s shop. Whilst she never stopped drawing, it wasn’t until she became a mother did she turn her love of drawing into a profession. Away from the artwork, Laxmi is one of the warmest and coolest mamas in our little community – I’ve loved getting to know her and also own a couple of pieces of her work myself. As with all the Heroine interviews so far, Laxmi does not disappoint, I absolutely love to read about what goes on behind the scenes, our heroines’ secrets and guilty pleasures. Thanks Laxmi for sharing!

Laxmi main.jpg

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