Je t’aime (Paris in print)


9781447285786We-ll Always Have Paris.jpgIn celebration of new memoir ‘We’ll Always Have Paris’ by Emma Beddington (which looks très bon by the way), I’m giving you my picks of novels and books about one of my favourite cities in the world. Like thousands of other women, I’ve always had a secret desire.. well basically to be bit French, cool like Lou Doillon, chic like Paradis, quirky like Tatou. But I’ve cut my losses and soak up these books and Marion Cotilard movies instead. C’est la vie. Continue reading “Je t’aime (Paris in print)”

Party time!


Every year, every birthday party I promise I won’t, but I spiral out of control. Last year was the worst, an Alice in Wonderland theme, 45 kids, there was a couture Alice dress and a magician, a 3 tiered cake and more I don’t care to admit to. If you look at the photos from the girl’s 1st birthday party, it says it all, she looks utterly bewildered at all the fuss, even she knew I’d lost the plot. Continue reading “Party time!”

Beetroot and horseradish soup

Fresh beetroot

Working from home, I’m guilty of not making much of an effort at lunchtimes and with my daughter at school, I’m more likely to grab whatever’s the quickest option over a meal that’s nutritious and tasty. But this week I thought, enough, let’s ditch the salad bags and make an effort even if it is just for me. So I picked beetroot and horseradish soup, having had it in a Brighton cafe recently and thinking how lush it was.

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Home Learning: help!

At work

So the 2nd eldest in our collective brood is part way through year 1, bless her learning lots, excelling in some areas, finding others harder. It’s tough to get that balance right, how much work we should be doing at home, a bit of gentle encouragement – or there’s that school of thought to leave them to it and just let them be kids for now. It’s so hard not to compare, the kid who’s got the amazing (joined up!) handwriting, the all rounder kid who can read, write, ride a bike and have the confidence to talk to adults articulately whilst ours often shies away.

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