Heroine #1: Erna Leon





a woman admired for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
“she was a true feminist heroine”
In the Heroine Project, I’ll be speaking to brilliant women and some awesome mamas- women who draw, women in fashion, women just like us doing an amazing job of getting their shit done and are still smiling, incredible young women to watch out for, women of all shapes and forms who inspire us in many ways, big or small. And  like sitting down over a cuppa with your bestie, you’ll find what makes the heroines tick, hear about their family life, what their secrets are, what they get up to in their spare time. A few minutes of quick tit bits for you to gobble up whilst you have your first coffee of the day, discover new women to follow,  soak up and enjoy. Let’s celebrate these complete bad ass heroines together and never ever knock down. #sisterhoodforever
L x

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Party time!


Every year, every birthday party I promise I won’t, but I spiral out of control. Last year was the worst, an Alice in Wonderland theme, 45 kids, there was a couture Alice dress and a magician, a 3 tiered cake and more I don’t care to admit to. If you look at the photos from the girl’s 1st birthday party, it says it all, she looks utterly bewildered at all the fuss, even she knew I’d lost the plot. Continue reading “Party time!”

Zara Spring Spend Up

walking-tour-san-sebastian-5.jpgSo half term is over, the hardest one of the year if you’re not able to get away- its frickin’ freezing, parks are no fun when you’re shivering and soft play (during school holidays), NOT the one for me.. As fun as being off school and work  was, the only thing to pull us through the last of these wintery weeks is to book a Spring holiday. Continue reading “Zara Spring Spend Up”