Heroine #2: A Side Order of Alex

The second heroine in the Heroine Project series is a personal fave. She tells it like it is, she’s probably one of the funniest and most honest mamas I’ve come across, her winged eye liner skills are second to none and her daughter has to be the cutest best dressed little squidge in North London. Her musings make us all laugh and say ‘same same’ – and if you love following her on instagram, you have to visit her rather awesome blog.  I give you… Alex of A Side Order of Me


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Heroine #1: Erna Leon





a woman admired for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
“she was a true feminist heroine”
In the Heroine Project, I’ll be speaking to brilliant women and some awesome mamas- women who draw, women in fashion, women just like us doing an amazing job of getting their shit done and are still smiling, incredible young women to watch out for, women of all shapes and forms who inspire us in many ways, big or small. And  like sitting down over a cuppa with your bestie, you’ll find what makes the heroines tick, hear about their family life, what their secrets are, what they get up to in their spare time. A few minutes of quick tit bits for you to gobble up whilst you have your first coffee of the day, discover new women to follow,  soak up and enjoy. Let’s celebrate these complete bad ass heroines together and never ever knock down. #sisterhoodforever
L x

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The one where I joined the WI..

IMG_0219.jpg If someone said to you ‘Women’s Institute’ what would you think? Housewives knitting scarves in a stuffy community centre? The ladies pretty much as old as your mum or even your grandmother? Well think again, the WI has seen mounting interest from women in their 20s and 30s and far from stuffy- there are groups popping up all over from the Shoreditch Sisters in London to Buns and Roses in Leeds, meetings often taking place at the local pub. Continue reading “The one where I joined the WI..”

Je t’aime (Paris in print)


9781447285786We-ll Always Have Paris.jpgIn celebration of new memoir ‘We’ll Always Have Paris’ by Emma Beddington (which looks très bon by the way), I’m giving you my picks of novels and books about one of my favourite cities in the world. Like thousands of other women, I’ve always had a secret desire.. well basically to be bit French, cool like Lou Doillon, chic like Paradis, quirky like Tatou. But I’ve cut my losses and soak up these books and Marion Cotilard movies instead. C’est la vie. Continue reading “Je t’aime (Paris in print)”

Party time!


Every year, every birthday party I promise I won’t, but I spiral out of control. Last year was the worst, an Alice in Wonderland theme, 45 kids, there was a couture Alice dress and a magician, a 3 tiered cake and more I don’t care to admit to. If you look at the photos from the girl’s 1st birthday party, it says it all, she looks utterly bewildered at all the fuss, even she knew I’d lost the plot. Continue reading “Party time!”