Heroine # 3 Laxmi Hussain

The third woman to feature in the Heroine Project is Laxmi Hussain- artist and London mama of 2. I stumbled on her work via Instagram and can never get enough of her intricate water colour and ink based art which she posts regularly (visit http://www.thislakshmi.com/ where many pieces are available to buy as prints and greeting cards). Laxmi has drawn for as long as she can remember, all the way back to her school days when she’d sketch at the counter of her dad’s shop. Whilst she never stopped drawing, it wasn’t until she became a mother did she turn her love of drawing into a profession. Away from the artwork, Laxmi is one of the warmest and coolest mamas in our little community – I’ve loved getting to know her and also own a couple of pieces of her work myself. As with all the Heroine interviews so far, Laxmi does not disappoint, I absolutely love to read about what goes on behind the scenes, our heroines’ secrets and guilty pleasures. Thanks Laxmi for sharing!

Laxmi main.jpg

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