Heroine #6 Claire ‘Ned in the Clouds’ Packer



Several weeks ago, back when we had Heroine #2, the fabulous Alex @asideorderofme– nominated a lady called Claire of @nedintheclouds “because she’s a pretty awesome mama, refreshing and honest and does fantastic things to raise awareness for autism”. I’ve since been following Claire on Alex’s recommendation and agree she’s without doubt a worthy heroine. Here’s why. Claire, mother of 2 beautiful boys Ned (5) and Kit (2) is one of those super mamas who gets off their butts and really makes a difference. Ned was diagnosed with autism when he was 2.5 years old and “turned our world upside down in the most beautiful way” Claire says. She supports families on the same path as her own, she writes about her family life and tells her story via her blog, starting with the very next day after Ned was diagnosed (she explains she writes “sporadically but passionately!” –  I loved the last post about Ned’s ‘quirks’ more than words).

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