Heroine #9: Miss Denny



Welcome back to the Heroine Project, it’s a couple of weeks since the #womensmarch took place and I am feeling nothing but inspiration and pride at the moment. Heroines come in all shapes and forms, it is my Grandma who passed away a month ago, a strong and quiet woman who moved here from Jamaica in the 1950s with nothing and raised a staggering seven children, it’s your best friend, it’s your favourite artist or writer, whoever fills your heart with love, whoever inspires you in the big and even the little ways to make a change, to get up and try something new. Everyone who took part in the march and made your voice heard are all bloody heroes.

Heroine number 9 is a lady I’ve admired for some time (seriously, such a beautiful soul -and she has an incredible Aladdin’s cave of a home which I love!), she has candy pink hair, she has a decent amount of ink on her and she lives in Portugal (our first international heroine- yey!). I loved finding out more about this heroine. #9 Miss Denny B.


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