Heroine #4: Laura Hesketh

I’ve chosen Laura Hesketh to be heroine #4, lady in black and cool AF. Seriously though, this girl… litigation executive by day, but in her spare time has done a lot for Village by Village, an excellent Manchester based charity. Their mission is ‘to reduce the needless suffering and deaths of children in poverty in remote rural African villages’. Laura says ‘they basically go from village to village building a well, toilets, a clinic and a school. They also staff them using local unemployed people. Once all four are fully functioning they move to the next area of need’.  She recently spent time in one of the villages, teaching the kids and seeing first hand the work the charity do. Her story and photos  can be found here, the children she met are all incredible and brave (not to mention having THE best smiles).  It’s not too late to donate to Laura’s fundraising page, all proceeds go straight to the charity. Back on home soil, here’s the answers Laura gave to her Heroine interview.


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